The reverse engineering package

We believe that AM technology has to be accessible to anyone at any level. So we decided to create an easy-to-get-started package for reverse engineering. You will get one 3D scanner, 2-4 hours of CAD training with an engineer, 4 hours of 3D printer and 3D scanner training and a Formlabs Form 3+ 3D printer.

And the price is quite impressive - starting from 52.000 DKK

Einstar scanner + CAD + Formlabs Form 3+ - 52.000 DKK

Einstar scanner + CAD + Ultimaker S5 - 59.000 DKK

To get you started on your 3D scanning journey. We have three dedicated experts in-house at 3DVerkstan, to get you started. They will train and provide the best knowledge to ensure your success with 3D scanning before moving on to CAD. 

We have partnered with Podovo (an awesome engineering firm) to provide you with the best possible training and know-how to get you started with reverse engineering in your chosen CAD software. 

And to go along with the first two steps, you will be equipped with a Formlabs Form 3+ resin 3D printer. Absolute best in class when it comes to desktop resin printers! It's hands down the most straightforward 3D printer to get started with and take you to new levels. 

This package aims to add value and strengthen your company's CAD / CAM capabilities. Either to help you move production in-house or create a hybrid solution where you scan, we deliver the CAD work, and you handle the production.

If this sounds interesting, don't hesitate to get in touch with us; details are below!