The Industry - Magnum

The Magnum 3D Printer is a game-changing addition to the world of 3D printing. With its impressive 2.16 cubic meter print volume, this printer is designed to handle large-scale projects with ease. You no longer have to worry about breaking your design into smaller pieces to fit your printer's limited space. The Magnum 3D Printer can handle it all, from big parts to complex geometries.

The 2-8mm nozzle size range is where the Magnum 3D Printer truly shines. You can easily switch between different nozzle sizes to achieve the desired surface quality and print speed. Choose a smaller nozzle for higher surface quality, or a larger nozzle for faster printing. With this level of flexibility, you can easily adapt to any project requirements.

The average output of 1-8kg per hour is another impressive feature of the Magnum 3D Printer. This high output allows for fast printing times, making it ideal for large-scale projects with tight deadlines. However, the lower output option provides better quality, making it perfect for intricate designs that require a higher level of detail.

The Magnum 3D Printer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their 3D printing capabilities to the next level. Its large print volume, nozzle size range, and high output make it a versatile and powerful tool for any project. Whether you're a professional designer or a hobbyist, the Magnum 3D Printer is sure to impress.