Caracol’s systems are made to process a broad range of materials, thoroughly tested and qualified for direct, continuous printing: from advanced polymers and composites to recycled materials from upcycled waste or parts at the end of their life.

Selecting 3D printing materials with a meticulous qualification process.

Caracol constantly aims to provide clients with answers to their production needs, from technology to materials, our team works to provide the most reliable and quality solutions.

  • INVESTIGATION. The first step to identify target material and best suppliers on the market.

  • TESTING. The material can be successfully extruded with Caracol’s systems and is tested to define its properties.

  • CHARACTERIZATION. The material can be used for production and a detailed datasheet is released with mechanical and thermal properties.

  • QUALIFICATION. Following tests on several prints and applications parameters are defined to guarantee best printability, repeatability, and performance on the material.

Additive manufacturing materials for flexible, efficient part production across sectors

Caracol’s MATERIAL LAB constantly works to expand the range of qualified materials to process with its systems, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We study mechanical, thermal, chemical properties, to provide the best options on the market for our clients’ applications, and we undergo meticulous quality controls on suppliers, to guarantee reliable and repeatable production.