About caracol

Caracol is a leading industrial 3D printer manufacturer and large format Additive Manufacturing technology providers. Since 2015, our founders pursued the idea of overcoming the limits of existing manufacturing technologies, combining technological innovation with an industrial vision to respond to client’s production needs.

Placing users at the center, we deliver integrated turnkey solutions leveraging Additive Manufacturing, to simplify processes, provide flexibility, efficiency, sustainability, and enable customers’ production continuity.
From the first prototypes built, today Caracol LFAM technology is adopted globally, to produce advanced components in high-performing industrial sectors spanning from aerospace and automotive to architecture and design, marine, railway and more.

Our team of unique, talented individuals keeps growing and disrupting the future of industrial production. Every day we continuously strive to innovate and evolve production, looking for more cost-effective, faster and environmentally better manufacturing solutions.

We develop and provide technological solutions to enable manufacturing companies’ ability to produce advanced large scale industrial applications more efficiently and sustainably.

We want to lead the future of manufacturing toward a new paradigm of flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability.