Pioneering PCB Prototyping with the V-One

Voltera: Revolutionizing PCB Prototyping and Flexible Electronics

Voltera, established in 2013, revolutionized PCB prototyping with the V-One, one of the first direct-ink write printers for traditional rigid electronics. Its ability to print traces with conductive ink and dispense solder paste quickly attracted prestigious users like Princeton, NASA, Intel, and MIT for applications such as satellite electronics. This global success of the V-One inspired Voltera to expand its technology, catering to innovative uses like printing circuits on aircraft or even human skin​​.

NOVA: The Next Leap in Flexible Electronic Printing
The NOVA printer marks a significant advancement in Voltera's technological evolution. It expands the range of substrates for circuit printing and introduces key upgrades like an 8”x11” titanium vacuum table and threaded mounting grid. This allows NOVA to print on both rigid and flexible materials, opening up possibilities like creating wearable electronics that monitor vital signs. The Smart Dispenser and Smart Probe modules enhance its versatility, ensuring consistent printing even on non-flat surfaces​​.

Transforming Electronics with Innovative Applications
Voltera's technology is not just a tool but a gateway to transformative applications. Gerd Grau from York University exemplifies this by using Voltera's printers for printing biomedical tattoos and carbon fiber composites with integrated electronics. The control over ink flow provided by NOVA's built-in pressure sensor enables printing on varied substrates, paving the way for applications like on-skin sensors and strain measuring devices in aircraft wings​​.

Affordable and Versatile for Diverse Users
Voltera's approachability extends beyond its technology. The V-One's affordability at less than $6,000, combined with the advanced capabilities of NOVA, makes these printers accessible to schools, labs, and various industries. Users can now expand their work with a wider variety of substrates, ease of use, and improved precision, positioning Voltera as a valuable player in the growing additive electronics market​​.

Embark on an Innovative Journey with Voltera
Voltera invites you to explore the frontiers of electronic printing. Whether you're prototyping PCBs, venturing into wearable electronics, or integrating circuits into novel substrates, Voltera's V-One and NOVA printers are here to transform your vision into reality. Discover the future of flexible and conformal circuits with Voltera, brought to you by Solid Print3D Denmark.

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